Well even though he didn’t come out on top tonight I gotta give props to Zito.  He showed definite improvement.  He went five innings with five hits, two runs, two earned, two walks and five strikeouts.  That is probably the best outing he has had this season.  What I am talking about “probably,” it IS the best outing he has had. And if I remember right he also set a personal season high in strikeouts. The only thing I really didn’t like about this start for him was the high pitch count.  He threw 99 pitches in just five innings; he really needs to get that pitch count down. I didn’t get to see the game, since San Luis Obispo is almost in the dead center along the coast of California and they decided they would show LA games instead of the much better Bay Area games (if you can’t tell I’m really bitter about this), but anyway my dad said the ump had a pretty big strike zone goin’ but he also said that Zito’s command did look better. I just hope that Barry continues to improve and that we can start giving our pitchers some run support.





  1. Ryan A

    Lincecum is an animal…..

    We’ll take him here in Texas!!!!

    How bout we trade you……Milwood for Lincecum….straight up…..I promise it’s an even deal, we’ll all be happy 🙂

    Thanks for the words, check back from time to time, I’ll do the same.

    Ryan A

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