Bonds Indicted

Barry Bonds was charged today with perjury and obstruction of justice for allegedly lying when he said he did not knowingly use performance-enhancing drugs. Maybe now this can all be over, the truth will be revealed. Did he or didn’t he?

Being a Giants fan is hard, maybe not as hard as being a Cubs fan or a Mets fan this season but it’s still pretty freakin’ hard.  I find that I always have to defend myself.  People see that I am a Giants fan and the first thing out of their mouth is always, “Do you like Barry Bonds?”  If I say yes, people criticize me asking how I could like a cheater and then they start lecturing me on how Barry has tainted baseball.  To avoid this I usually just say that he’s not my favorite player and try to change the subject.  Because you know what Barry isn’t the whole team, I know some people may think that, **** Barry himself probably thinks (thought) that, but I don’t! I bet a lot of the people who have criticized me for being a Giants fan wouldn’t even be able to name a player who was on the ’07 roster other than Bonds and Zito.  They don’t know about the gold glove caliber third baseman or that one of the greatest shortstops of all time plays for the Giants; all they know is standing out their in left field is a guy who has hit a lot of homeruns and might have taken steroids.  You can hate Bonds all you want I don’t care, but please stop giving me sh!t because I don’t. 

I know Barry is an egotistical pr!ck but is he an egotistical pr!ck who took steroids and then lied about it?  That’s all I want to know, the truth, so that for the rest of my life as a Giants fan I don’t have to continually defend myself for being a fan during the “Bonds Era.”

I think that it is really hard for me to talk about Bonds objectively because I am a Giants fan, so let me hear your opinions but please not too much Barry bashing it’s hard for me to handle.  Trust me, if he played for your favorite team you would understand.




  1. joseph

    Lincecum, Sanchez, Cain, Lowry, Feliz, Vizquel, Durham, Winn, Torrealba, there are some, but then again I didn’t criticize you.

    I can speak a little more objectively probably because I am not a Giants fan. In my eyes Bonds is the most dominating baseball player that I have ever seen. Not only the best that I have watched, but in my opinion was the best ever. And I would cheer for him if I was a Giants fan because I want the team do well, and the Giants wouldn’t have done well, if he didn’t do well.

    But now there are positive tests that are coming out. And I probably cannot say he is the best ever, even if he was great before the PED use. It is a shame that the greatest player to ever pick up a bat is going down like this. But obviously he is to blame.

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